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Our Google Ads certified team makes PPC easy, handling everything from campaign setup to continual optimization. By leveraging hard-won expertise and proven PPC strategies tailored to your business, we drive maximum conversions and ROI from every ad dollar spent.

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The Pay Per Click Pros You Can Trust!

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers one of the fastest ways to drive targeted traffic and sales for your business online. With PPC ads, you create text ads that appear on Google alongside search results and on thousands of other publisher websites across the web. With Pay Per Click advertising, you only pay when someone clicks your ad – making it an extremely cost-effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website.

However, setting up and managing a profitable PPC ad campaign requires advanced skills and constant testing. Even large companies struggle with rising costs and complex PPC platforms. Without the right strategies, it’s all too easy to burn through your ad budget without results.

That’s where Brandbuddee excels!

As a premier PPC management agency, we know what it takes to turn clicks into customers.

For over 10 years, we’ve helped B2B and ecommerce businesses just like yours boost visibility, traffic, and sales with strategic PPC management services:

✅ 2x average conversion rates compared to self-managed campaigns

✅ 30%+ increase in ROI year-over-year

✅ $500k average additional revenue per client

But how do we deliver such incredible performance? 

It comes down to a relentless focus on data-driven insights, industry expertise, and full-funnel optimization.

While our competitors set up campaigns and call it a day, our team constantly tests new ideas to maximize your ROI – from savvy targeting tactics to persuasive ad messaging. We won’t rest until you’re acquiring more customers for less!

Our Unique Approach: PPC That Supercharges Your Business

Most agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach to PPC campaign management. After a cursory glance at your website and competitors, they’ll toss together an account, activate some keywords and ads, and leave the rest on autopilot.

Brandbuddee, being a top-rated PPC management company in town, rejects that passive strategy. We craft fully customized PPC marketing services aligned with your unique business goals using proven frameworks developed over years of serving complex organizations.

Our PPC advertising begins with a proprietary 6-step process developed by our leadership team:

Step 1: Set Goals & KPIs

We start by working with you to define your PPC goals and key results, which guide the strategies and metrics moving forward.

Step 2: Research & Analysis

Leveraging the goals, our team thoroughly analyzes your existing efforts, metrics, audiences, and market to develop data-driven strategies.

Step 3: Campaign Creation

We take those insights to strategically create and structure targeted PPC campaigns customized to your business across channels like Google and YouTube.

Step 4: Campaign Optimization

Once launched, we relentlessly test and optimize elements from ads to landing pages that improve campaign performance and conversion rates.

Step 5: Scaling & Growth

As the strategies prove out, we scale your top-performing campaigns aggressively with bigger budgets and expanded targeting to drive growth.

Step 6: Measure & Report

Throughout the process, we monitor KPIs to quantify performance, identify new opportunities, and clearly report campaign impacts and ROI.

Notice the heavy emphasis on analysis and optimization? That obsession with testing and data-driven decisions is why Brandbuddee delivers industry-leading performance. Too many agencies focus solely on driving more traffic rather than profitable traffic.

With our expertise, you get the best of both worlds – machine-scale efficiency fueled by creative human insight. We handle the heavy lifting so your sales and marketing teams can focus on high-impact initiatives.

Now, let’s explore the full suite of PPC services and deliverables included with Brandbuddee’s management.

Brandbuddee’s PPC Management Services

Brandbuddee handles every facet of running a profitable PPC program – from initial setup to ongoing performance analysis. We customize our efforts based on your unique KPIs and pain points. Our PPC advertising services typically include:

✔ Google Ads Management

As a highly certified Premier Google Partner, our team leverages insider strategies to maximize performance across search, display, shopping, and video campaigns. We utilize advanced features like customer match and stay on top of constant platform updates to gain an edge.

✔ Cross-Channel Advertising

We diversify spending across native advertising, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Amazon Marketing Services, and relevant display networks. This omnichannel approach reduces risk, amplifies reach, and penetrates multiple stages of your customer journey.

✔ Keyword Research

Our best-in-class tools track search volume, competition, and difficulty metrics for millions of keywords. We translate this data into optimized targeting lists calibrated to your business goals – whether aggressively scaling lead gen or maximizing conversion value.

✔ Geo Targeting, Device Targeting, Amd Audience Targeting

We deploy location, device, demographic, and behavioral targeting through tactics like bid adjustments, dayparting, ad variations, and remarketing. This precision keeps your PPC dollars focused on high-intent users ready to convert.

✔ Ad Copywriting

Utilizing timeless expertise, our talented copywriters create relevant, compelling ad messaging tailored to your unique offerings. Through constant split testing, we refine copy and offers to unlock more clicks and conversions.

✔ Landing Page Optimization

We ensure complete sync between your ads and landing pages to minimize friction in the buyer journey. Through A/B testing, we validate messaging consistency, layout, loading speeds, and form placement to reduce bounce rates.

✔ Bid Management

We leverage both manual and automated bidding strategies like Target CPA, Target ROAS, and enhanced CPC. These capabilities allow you to pay the optimal Max CPC amount based on conversion history while managing your targets. We frequently test new bid strategies for improved performance.

✔ Budget Allocation

On a monthly basis, we may shift the budget between campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and match types based on opportunity, seasonality, and demonstrated performance. This ensures investment stays aligned with the highest performing components driving conversions and revenue.

✔ Conversion Tracking

We track conversions beyond just form fills, implementing tracking for your CRM, calls, chat, and more. With this 360-degree data, we tune campaigns purely based on your real business outcomes, not vanity metrics like clicks. This laser focus on sales ROI is what makes our optimization so rapid and effective.

✔ Remarketing

Website visitors who don’t initially convert are re-engaged through tailored messaging that nurtures them further down the funnel. Our remarketing campaigns guide visitors back to complete desired actions, whether contacting sales or completing a purchase.

✔ Performance Reporting

We provide regularly scheduled and on-demand reports detailing campaign performance on metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, conversion rate, CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, ROI, and more. Accompanying analysis explains optimization actions are taken and recommendations for continual improvement. This empowers smart allocation of time and resources.

With constant management, testing, and refinement, Brandbuddee unlocks transformational growth from paid search and other ad channels.

The Stack That Powers It All!

In order to deliver real results for our clients, you need more than just knowledgeable people – you need the right technology. That’s why we invest in state-of-the-art tools shown to directly boost campaign performance.

For example, platforms like Google Analytics 360 and SEMrush allow us to uncover audience insights and emerging opportunities that most businesses miss out on. And automation tools like Optmyzr empower our team to rapidly test and iterate campaigns to drive better outcomes.

Why Our Team Stands Out?

You also need the right talent to effectively leverage these tools. We only hire PPC and analytics experts with a proven track record of driving ROI. And we invest heavily in continued skills development and sharing best practices company-wide so our expertise compounds over time.

Beyond pure skills, we nurture a culture where smart, analytical, and relentlessly creative people thrive. Don’t just take our word – here is what a few of our many satisfied customers have said:

“Since hiring them, our cost-per-acquisition has decreased by 15% even as conversion rates hit all-time highs. Their rigorous approach pays dividends.”

Transformational Client Outcomes!

At the end of the day, expertise and technology matter only if they impact your results. So what outcomes have we actually driven? 

Here are a few real examples:

  • 103% average increase in conversion rates across 175+ clients
  • 900%+ return-on-ad-spend for an ecommerce company
  • 15% lower cost-per-acquisition and higher conversions for a enterprise brand

Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, our tailored strategies leverage the right platforms, advanced tools and world-class talent to help every customer acquire more of their ideal buyers.

We Offer a Complete Digital Marketing Suite

While PPC is essential, no single channel tells the whole story. That’s why we offer a full range of digital marketing services:

  • SEO to improve organic rankings
  • Local marketing to drive in-store traffic
  • Targeted display ads that reengage site visitors
  • Content production to nurture from awareness to conversion
  • And more…

Our strategists connect these efforts, leveraging data and insights to optimize budget allocation across channels. This multiplicative approach delivers results no single tactic could achieve on its own.

Let Brandbuddee Take PPC Off Your Plate

Between constant platform changes, bidding fluctuations, and new competitors entering auctions every day, managing profitable PPC campaigns feels like a 24/7 job. Most marketing teams lack the time, resources, or expertise to keep pace.

By partnering with Brandbuddee, forget wasted hours trying to master an ever-evolving advertising landscape. Our team handles the heavy lifting of optimizing and managing campaigns so you can get back to high-level strategy and execution across your company.

With dedicated account managers supported by PPC specialists, copywriters, designers, and more, you gain an on-demand marketing team laser-focused on accelerating your ROI.

Common questions around Brandbuddee’s PPC campaign management services

Got more questions about our search engine marketing services? 

Here we’ve answered most of the famous questions you ask related to the local service ads. 

How quickly will your PPC agency optimize my accounts?

We onboard all new clients in just 2-4 weeks. After in-depth planning and analysis, our optimization machine kicks into high gear within 30 days, driving rapid gains. Like a flywheel, our momentum builds over quarters as data piles up and our strategists connect the dots between efforts.

What results can I expect in the first 90 days?

Assuming we are working with existing PPC accounts, you can expect the following within your first 90 days as a Brandbuddee partner:

✅ 10-30% increase in conversion rates

✅ 20-50% drop in cost-per-conversion

✅ Expanded reach and lower CPCs from new keywords

✅ Higher ad relevance from improved copy and landing pages

We also provide scheduled performance reports detailing improvements across all key metrics compared to your baseline.

What does a PPC audit from Brandbuddee involve?

Our PPC audit analyzes your existing accounts’ structure, metrics, targeting, ads, landing pages, and more. We identify quick improvements and optimization opportunities to boost conversions and ROI.

What are some best practices you use for getting our marketing campaign results quickly?

We prioritize proven, high-value keywords first. With conversion tracking implemented early, we rapidly test and optimize bids, copy, landing pages, and more to maximize conversions on those terms. This aligns campaigns to your sales funnel for results within 30-60 days as we scale up.

Grow Your Business With Extensive Pay Per Click Management Services By BrandBuddee!

As you can see, Brandbuddee offers more than just superficial PPC campaign setup and generic reporting. From day one, our team leverages insider expertise and custom toolsets to ratchet your performance higher – quarter by quarter, year after year.

The best marketing kings commit to continuous optimization using data-driven experimentation. Our cutting-edge process, battle-tested talent, and proven results provide everything needed to crown yourself the king of paid search.

If you are ready to capture record-setting profits in paid search, the time is now!

Contact Brandbuddee at XXX or email and mention this post to claim a free 30-minute consultation with one of our Senior Strategy Experts!

Let’s chat and explore if our elite PPC management could be the missing piece to hitting your customer acquisition goals in 2024. With zero risk and obligation, this is the perfect first step to kickstarting your paid search success.

We can’t wait to hear from you!