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Our team of creative content writers plus copywriters develops stand-out blog posts, web pages, emails, scripts, and more to take your marketing to the next level.

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Let Our Battle-Tested Content Machine Accelerate Your Marketing

Lackluster, outdated, or irrelevant content can cripple your digital presence. Brandbuddee’s content creation services enable you to:

✅ Attract target audience who crave your content
✅ Build trust and credibility through valuable content
✅ Increase loyalty by consistently nurturing your audience
✅ Close more deals with persuasive content

We don’t just create content – we create content that converts! 

With our data-driven content strategy, copywriting expertise, and creatively fearless production capabilities, we deliver visually stunning, insight-packed, on-brand content engineered to deliver results.

What does this mean for you? 

More traffic, superior lead generation, and bigger sales through content that captivates your audience!

Content Creation Services We Provide:

Most marketing agencies hand you content. We craft fully integrated content marketing machines engineered for one purpose: accelerating your growth and connecting you to buyers through remarkable content experiences.

Our superpower lies in analyzing your business goals, audience needs, competitors, and industry trends to discover your content sweet spots – then activating a tailored content creation strategy covering SEO content, blog posts, social media content, landing pages, nurture emails, ad copies, case studies and more to maximize your marketing ROI.

With Brandbuddee as your content partner, you get complete content creation packages tailored to your unique business situation, including:

A Born-to-Win Content Plan/ Strategy

Our content strategists become extensions of your marketing team, investing the time to completely immerse themselves in your brand story, vision, audiences, voice, and goals. We uncover your differentiated value proposition, map out customer journeys, and design integrated, multi-channel content plans tailored to accelerate conversions across every stage.

SEO-Booster Website Content

More than just writing website copy, we obsess over optimizing pages for maximum visibility and relevance. Our SEO ninjas research target keywords, craft compelling meta descriptions, optimize page speed, schema markup, and technical factors – creating SEO-primed pages focused on solving our audience’s needs.

Traffic-Magnet Blog Content

Content marketing starts with a great blog. Our storytellers breathe life into your blog using compelling narratives on topics your audience cares about. Packed with relevant data, seamless CTAs, and optimized for organic search, our blog posts attract and convert passive audiences into loyal brand advocates. 

Social Media Posts 

Get ready to win hearts, minds, and clicks on social media! Our team takes charge of your social presence – researching hot trends, testing content formats from text to video and images, crafting hundreds of optimized posts, and analyzing data to continually increase relevance. We balance brand consistency with experimentation to help you own the social conversation.

Persuasive Advertising and Emails

Want ads, emails, and landing pages that magnetically grab attention and drive action? Our creative team obsesses over copy, design, and placements – continually testing content variations to maximize relevance, open rates, and conversions for every campaign. Our goal? Content that sells!

UGC Content Creation

User-generated content can be a powerful marketing amplifier. Our team makes it easy to source quality UGC, handle permissions and incentives, and compile top content for your blog, social media, and other uses.

Product Descriptions That Sell

For ecommerce brands, effective product copy is vital for conversions. Our team analyzes your products, brand voice, and audience to craft optimally persuasive descriptions. We A/B test descriptions continually to boost click-throughs and sales.

Insight-Packed eBooks and Whitepapers

Do you want an easy way to establish thought leadership? Our writing team develops in-depth eBooks, whitepapers, and long-form content tailored to your audience’s concerns. Well-researched and insight-packed – they spread like wildfire on social media!

Compelling Infographics and Interactive Content

We all love snackable, visually engaging content. Our creative team develops stunning infographics using data-driven narratives on hot topics to capture attention quickly. Plus, microcontent like quizzes, assessments, calculators, and more – building your brand while capturing leads.

Optimizing for Search Engines

More than just writing website copy, we obsess over optimizing pages for maximum visibility and relevance. Our SEO experts research target keywords, craft compelling meta descriptions, and optimize page speed and technical factors – creating SEO-primed pages focused on solving our audience’s needs.

Content Promotion

We don’t just create content; we ensure it gets seen by the right people. Our team promotes your content across social media, influencer outreach, email, and more – continually testing placements and creativity to drive maximum relevant exposure.

Checking Analytics to Refine Existing Content and Produce New Ones

We don’t take a “set it and forget it” approach. By continually analyzing performance data, we refine existing content and produce new content that better resonates with your audience – driving continual optimization and better results over time.

With Brandbuddee as your content ally, you’ll have a squadron of passionate content writers, designers, and marketers laser-focused on creating content that captivates your audience while accelerating your customer acquisition and revenue growth. Can’t wait for you to take advantage of our written content! 

Our Step-by-Step Process for High-Impact Content Plans

An effective content plan requires meticulous research and analysis across a number of areas:

Keyword Research: We dig into the keywords and search queries that drive traffic to your site and those used by top-ranking competitors. This shapes topics and SEO optimization.

Buyer Persona Development: We conduct buyer interviews and research to build detailed profiles of each customer segment, highlighting pain points, objections, and journeys.

Competitor Analysis: We thoroughly analyze competitor brands’ positioning, messaging, and content approaches going after the same personas. This reveals content gaps and engagement tactics that resonate in your market.

Existing Content Audit: An in-depth website and social media audit examines your historical content across all platforms, measuring engagement, conversions, and topic analysis. We identify strengths to build on and areas needing optimization.

Deciding The Content Format: Based on personas’ preferences and behaviors, we then develop channel-specific content formats like videos, blogs, visual aids, and more to populate account-based journeys.

Why Choose Us for Your Content Marketing Needs?

With so many content creation agencies, why do LairdandPartners stand out from the rest?

Here are some major benefits of working with our world-class content creators!

We Make Content Simple!

As your dedicated content agency, creation is our expertise, so you can focus on business growth, not content bottlenecks. Our squad handles everything from keyword research to planning a content strategy, writing, design, visuals, and more.

We Drive Real Revenue

Through deep research, we uncover the best content types for your business – and then promote them after production through various online channels such as ranking higher on search engines, social media, emails, etc!

We Continually Optimize Based on Data

We track and refine all content based on performance metrics, doubling down on what converts to drive continual optimization and better results over time. This powers your search engine ranking potential and captures more traffic to your website!

We Offer Complete Flexibility

Our company offers affordable content creation packages – with adjustable terms to match your needs.

We Have 15+ Years of Proven Content Expertise

Led by our award-winning Creative Director and backed by her crew of content rockstars, we translate innovative ideas into tangible business growth with a proven track record spanning diverse industries.

We Provide Full Pricing Transparency

We deliver complete pricing transparency, collaboratively developing rates, production expenses, and success metrics to align with your budget and guarantee maximum ROI.

The Brandbuddee Content Machine Delivers Results

We could tell you all about our expertise, but we figured it’d be better to just show you!

Here are a few examples of the tangible business impact we have delivered for clients through tailored content strategies:

323% Increase in Organic Visitors

We helped a B2B fintech company overhaul their blog with audience-centric content optimized for SEO and shares, leading to a 3X increase in organic traffic in just 6 months.

94% Boost in Quoted Sales Meetings

By consistently nurturing prospects through the buying journey with relevant content, we increased sales meeting bookings by 94% in 1 year for an HR consulting firm.

175% Growth in Instagram Following

Leveraging TikTok and Instagram trends combined with branded content helped a fashion retailer engage over 175k new Instagram followers in 8 months.

427 More Customer Signups Per Month

Conversational website copy and streamlined lead flows boosted monthly customer signups by 427% for a SaaS startup.

15x Increase in Video Views

Strategic ideation plus creative video production helped a nonprofit raise brand awareness and increase YouTube watch time by 992% QoQ.

These remarkable growth sprints were achieved through our tailored content strategies based on each client’s unique situation and goals. We apply similar diligence, creativity, and optimization rigor to accelerate results for every customer.

FAQs About Our Content Creation Services

We get a lot of questions from prospective partners – here are answers to some popular ones about our content creation services:

How do you ensure quality content at scale?

Being a dedicated content creation company, we combine creator talent, stringent QA, optimization tools, and rigorous oversight by our editorial board to maintain quality – no matter the output volume. Just let us know what type of content you’re looking for. Leave the rest of the content services to us!

How do you optimize content for my business?

Optimizing content for continual relevance and high performance is crucial. Our dedicated team of content creators and writers leverage a proprietary 3-step optimization process including:

1. Initial Research

2. Performance Tracking

3. Continual Testing

This commitment to research, data, and testing ensures we create high-quality written content and other content formats tailored to maximize relevance and conversions over time – helping you get the most mileage from your content marketing.

How do you ensure brand consistency?

Every piece of content starts with deep brand research. Our creators undergo deep brand immersion training, getting to know your voice, personality, goals, and audience. We establish detailed brand guidelines encompassing messaging, tone, visual identity, and content standards to inform content while allowing creativity.

Our oversight process, combined with AI guidance, maintains consistency at scale, saving your team time while allowing our content to optimize engagement and performance for your brand over time. All in all, this is how we help your business build a consistent brand voice. 

Let’s Talk Ahead!

I hope this overview has sparked some ideas on how our award-winning content team can help amplify your marketing through creative storytelling that deeply connects with your audience.

We would love to learn more about your business and explore potential opportunities to accelerate your digital growth.

Please schedule a complimentary consultation to continue the conversation – no high-pressure sales, just an open discussion on how expertly crafted content can help you attract and engage more qualified leads.

Our team brings an infectious creative energy and passion for producing content that drives results. Reach out anytime with questions, too. And if you’d like to chat right away, fill out the form to connect with a content specialist.

Let’s talk soon and keep the momentum going!