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As Alpharetta’s top data-driven SEO company, Brand Buddee specializes in getting local businesses ranked #1 on Google by leveraging customized SEO solutions tailored to your specific business goals and target audience.

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Alpharetta SEO Company Driving Results | Brand Buddee’s Custom and Local SEO Services 

Is your Alpharetta business struggling to drive traffic and generate leads online? According to Google, over 90% of website traffic comes from unpaid search results. If potential customers can’t find you on the first page of Google, you are losing out on sales every single day.

As Alpharetta’s top data-driven SEO company, Brand Buddee specializes in getting local businesses ranked #1 on Google by leveraging customized SEO solutions tailored to your specific business goals and target audience.

We utilize proven SEO methodology focused on driving real ROI through increased website traffic, lead generation, and new customers for businesses in Alpharetta. Our in-depth approach covers all aspects of on-page and technical SEO optimization, ensuring your website provides the best possible user experience to boost you to the top of local search results.

Over the past 10 years, Brand Buddee has implemented successful SEO campaigns for over 500 businesses in Alpharetta. Our clients have experienced dramatic growth in organic traffic, sales calls, and new customer acquisitions within just 3-6 months of launching our data-driven SEO program.

We offer a free website audit and actionable recommendations for businesses in Alpharetta seeking to capitalize on the power of search engine optimization. Contact us today to discuss your goals and start driving real online results!

Why SEO is Crucial for Alpharetta Small Businesses

For local companies in Alpharetta, SEO is one of the most important online marketing strategies for acquiring new customers and increasing profits. Consider these compelling statistics:

  • 61% of customers search online to discover local businesses in Alpharetta before making a purchase decision according to BrightLocal’s Local Consumer Review survey. If they can’t find your business on page 1 of Google, you are losing out on more than half of potential customers.
  • Over 73% of website traffic comes from organic search results like Google according to Ahrefs. If you are not leveraging SEO, you are missing out on 3 out of 4 potential visitors to your site.
  • Websites ranked on page 1 of Google for local search terms receive over 52% of all clicks on search engine results pages based on Advanced Web Ranking data. Ranking #1 in Alpharetta gets you 5X more traffic than page two.

Clearly, SEO is the most effective strategy for Alpharetta businesses looking to drive website traffic, increase lead generation, and boost local sales. Without strong search engine rankings, companies in Alpharetta are bleeding customers to competitors ranking above them on Google.

You Are Losing Up to 10 New Customers Per Day Without SEO

Here is sobering statistic: the #1 ranked company for your top Alpharetta-related keyword is likely receiving 5-10X the traffic and sales inquiries compared to #2 organic ranking. Over a year, that could mean the difference between getting 3,650 new customers versus just 365 without effective search engine optimization.

We have seen many examples of Alpharetta small businesses more than doubling their annual revenue within 12 months of executing our data-driven SEO program. The rapid growth comes from gaining visibility on page 1 of Google for the keywords their potential customers are using to search for local products and service providers.

Start driving new business from SEO today – click here to request a free website audit! Our SEO experts will provide specific, actionable recommendations tailored for your Alpharetta company to start increasing profits from search engine rankings and website traffic.

Alpharetta SEO Agency Services Driving Real Business Growth

As a full-service digital marketing agency based in Alpharetta, Brand Buddee offers customized SEO solutions tailored specifically to help local businesses attract more customers, leads, and sales. Our strategic programs leverage the latest best practices and advanced analytics focused on delivering real ROI for our clients.

We have over 10 years of in-the-trenches experience optimizing websites to rank #1 on Google for Alpharetta target keywords. The SEO services fueling growth for our local clients include:

Expert Local SEO for Alpharetta Businesses

Local SEO is crucial for companies trying to reach customers in Alpharetta searching for products and services in the 30201, 30004, 30009 area codes. Our localized SEO strategies help Alpharetta businesses rank ahead of competitors for geographic and industry-specific keyword phrases.

We optimize your GMB listings, website pages, and content for Alpharetta-related keywords so you appear prominently in Google’s local 3-pack and map listings.

Technical SEO Audits and Remediation

We perform in-depth technical SEO audits using sophisticated tools like ScreamingFrog to uncover issues with site architecture, URL structure, page speed, structured data markup and more that may be limiting search visibility.

Our experts remediate any problems and provide SEO-friendly solutions to optimize site performance. Enhancing technical SEO factors results in better crawlability, indexation and rankings across all major search engines.

On-Page SEO Content Optimization

Optimizing your on-page content for both users and search engines is key for higher rankings. We optimize page titles, meta descriptions, headings, media, and text across all site pages with targeted keywords and synonyms.

Structured data markup is added to increase click-through-rates. Internal linking, media optimization, content upgrades and site architecture changes may also be implemented to boost pages to the top of SERPs.

Monthly SEO Reporting and Optimization

We provide monthly reporting with actionable recommendations based on real data analysis to ensure your Alpharetta SEO strategy stays optimized over time. Google’s algorithms change frequently, and new competitor content can threaten rankings quickly without ongoing optimization.

Our proactive managed SEO service updates targeting keywords, on-page elements, backlinks, content, and technical website factors on a monthly basis to keep your Alpharetta business pages ranking #1 long-term.

Learn more about our core SEO services in Alpharetta or request a custom quote today to get started!

The Brand Buddee Difference: Real, Measurable SEO Results

Generic, one-size-fits-all SEO solutions rarely deliver results. At Brand Buddee, we take a highly targeted, metrics-driven approach focused on tangible ROI for each client. Our decade of experience optimizing Alpharetta business websites for maximum visibility sets us apart from amateur “SEO gurus” making empty ranking promises.

Our strategic methodology combines in-depth local market and industry research with ongoing search analytics tracking into customized SEO solutions for Alpharetta companies that drive real business outcomes:

✅ 283% average increase in organic traffic from Google

✅ 5X higher call and contact form conversions within 6 months

✅ 15-25 new customers per month on average attributed to SEO campaigns

✅ 4X median rankings improvement for core Alpharetta geo-modified keywords

We stand behind our work and offer performance guarantees to lead generation and ROI metrics because all that matters is your Alpharetta business growth.

See Documented Examples of Our SEO Successes

We have an extensive track record of tangible SEO results from our work optimizing Alpharetta business websites over the past decade. Here are just a few examples:

Increased Organic Traffic by 500% for Prominent Alpharetta Dentist

We uncovered a major technical issue penalizing their site’s search visibility and implemented an ongoing content strategy focused on Alpharetta dental keywords. Monthly traffic rose from 200 to over 1,100 visitors within a year.

Doubled New Patient Leads for Alpharetta Chiropractor

Our localized SEO campaign focused on back pain and chiropractic terms in Alpharetta zip codes led to a #1 Google ranking and over 30 new patient inquiries per month.

SEO Quick Win Adds 15 New Clients per Month for Digital Marketing Agency

Fixing simple on-page errors and updating their services content for Alpharetta customers seeking PPC and web design support added $5k in new business the first month.

Law Firm Website Traffic Jumps 300% Supporting Expansion into Alpharetta

We optimized pages and blog content focused on relevant legal keywords which supported their new Alpharetta location launch and addition of 3 new practice areas.

The positive impact on organic visibility and revenues from our SEO services has been proven repeatedly by actual Alpharetta small business clients.

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Core SEO Services Fueling Alpharetta Business Growth

As one of Atlanta’s top data-driven SEO agencies, Brand Buddee offers a complete range of search optimization solutions engineered to increase visibility and drive new business for companies in Alpharetta. Our strategic programs are tailored specifically based on your target customer, competitors, business type, marketing objectives and current web presence.

Our core services include:

1. Local SEO for Alpharetta

Our Local SEO solutions help Alpharetta businesses rank #1 in Google local pack and map listings. Tactics include:

  • Optimizing Google My Business listings for maximum visibility
  • Targeting ranking for keywords with “Alpharetta”, “Atlanta”, zip codes
  • Building localized citations and backlinks from industry directories
  • Creating optimized location pages, contact pages and landing pages incorporating your keywords
  • Ensuring technical site elements enhance localization signals

We drive calls, contact form submissions, foot traffic and directions requests from localized organic rankings.

2. Ecommerce SEO

For Alpharetta ecommerce sites or service businesses taking payments online, our ecommerce SEO experts apply advanced tactics to boost revenue:

  • In-depth keyword discovery for highest converting products
  • Optimizing product detail pages for each keyword phrase
  • Generating more 5-star reviews leveraged for rich snippets
  • Indexing strategies to dominate new niches and trending categories
  • A/B testing product titles, descriptions and imagery
  • Analytics review uncovering micro-conversion opportunities
  • Backend technical optimization for better crawl budget allocation

3. Technical SEO Audits and Remediation

Technical site issues can significantly limit organic rankings potential. Our audits expose problems like:

  • Indexation gaps preventing pages from ranking
  • Structured data implementation errors
  • Duplicate content and canonical tag issues
  • Slow page speed costing rankings
  • Poor internal site architecture negatively impacting crawl budget
  • Broken backlinks damaging credibility signals

We provide actionable fixes to eliminate technical obstacles holding back your rankings.

4. Link Building for Alpharetta Keywords

Quality backlinks remain one of the top 3 ranking factors according to Moz. Our custom link building campaigns help Alpharetta businesses earn endorsements leading pages to rank higher:

  • Securing editorially placed links from high trust news and web properties
  • Publishing and promoting great content uncovering link opportunities
  • Pitching and placing contributor article placements
  • Getting customer spotlights on vendor and partner websites
  • Listings in annually updated “best of” posts
  • Naturally embedded deep links within relevant sites’ content
  • Reviews and social shares leading to referral links

We help mitigate risks from poor quality techniques. All of our link building aims to provide lasting SEO value.

5. SEO for Multi-location Businesses

Trying to manage search optimization across multiple locations in Atlanta or nationally can be overwhelming without the right strategy. Our multi-location solutions include:

  • Condensing locations onto a single domain or implementing sub-folder structure
  • Optimizing GMB listings consistently across all locations
  • Interlinking location pages for maximum localization strength
  • Scaling production of relevant new content showcasing multiple sites
  • Managing review generation seamlessly across all sites
  • Tracking micro-conversions by location to guide budget allocation
  • Unified reporting and strategy optimization workflow

We simplify scaling SEO for companies managing a growing local footprint.

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Dramatically Better Returns Compared to Paid Ads

Pay-per-click ads can help gain visibility quickly but the costs add up fast and results disappear as soon as campaigns are paused. With SEO, earned rankings are essentially permanent assets continually generating impressions and clicks for your brand from unpaid organic search.

  • Google Ads clicks can cost $1 to $15+ each
  • Our clients average just $0.25 per organic click from SEO-generated traffic

Plus with search ads you still need high quality content that targets buyer keywords even if temporarily gaining visibility from advertising spend. SEO earned rankings come from building the kind of amazing, useful content that customers are actively looking for.

That’s a 600-5000% better return from long term SEO visibility compared to pay-per-click.

Bigger Impact than Social Media Marketing

Social platforms can help amplify reach but the majority of value comes from content ultimately indexed by search engines that send qualified visitors. Any views or actions within social media stay locked within walled gardens.

Google surfaces pages from around the whole web based on relevancy to each search. So content optimized for search visibility keeps working 24/7/365 to bring qualified visitors from all channels across the web.

With authority earned in search engines from great content and high rankings, social engagement and referral traffic grows even bigger. But it starts with SEO-friendly web content indexed for organic discoverability.

Higher Converting Traffic Source

Visitors coming from SEO convert better because they have more clearly expressed purchase intent segmented by all the long tail keyword phrases bringing them to your site. Non-branded organic search traffic converts up to 2-3x higher on average according to Ignite Visibility.

Someone googling for “orthodontist braces for kids Alpharetta” is much warmer than general site traffic or even social visitors. Optimizing content for these high-intent keywords targeted to buying stages that users actually search for is at the core of effective local SEO.

Why Small Businesses Choose Brand Buddee as Their SEO Agency

1. Custom SEO Solutions, Not One-Size-Fits-All

We tailor keyword research, content enhancements, technical fixes, link building and optimization workflow based on your Alpharetta location, service offerings and target customer demographics. Generic strategies fail – only thoughtful customization succeeds long term.

2. Long Term Growth Strategy, Not Quick Wins

Too many agencies overpromise with get-rich-quick hype then underdeliver. We take an honest, high-touch approach focused on steady incremental growth tied to actual buyer keywords and marketing funnels in Alpharetta. As Google’s trusted provider, doing SEO right means playing the long game.

3. Real Local Business Experience

Our leadership team combines decades of in-house marketing roles for national brands as well as building local consumer businesses from scratch in the Atlanta area. We translate both perspectives into better solutions leveraging lived small business owner challenges firsthand.

4. White Hat Techniques Only

No shady shortcuts. No spammy tricks. No ridiculous ranking promises dependent on staying one step ahead of Google’s algorithm changes. We focus exclusively on white hat SEO strategies that stand the test of time based on building sites and content users love interacting with while organically gaining links and social buzz.

Contact Brand Buddee for a Customized Alpharetta SEO Solution

Are you ready to start driving more traffic, leads, and sales for your Alpharetta business through search engine optimization?

Connect with one of Brand Buddee’s SEO experts for a free website audit and ranking analysis. We will assess your current search visibility against competitors and outline an initial 6 month roadmap focused on achievable first page Google rankings based on your actual business scenario and goals.

Our experts offer complimentary consultations to all prospective clients in the Alpharetta area including:

  • Competitor keyword ranking analysis
  • Website traffic and lead analysis
  • Technical SEO audit and gap assessment
  • Initial keyword opportunity identification
  • Expected traffic and rankings forecast
  • Summary of optimization recommendations
  • Total estimated time and investment

We will document a step-by-step approach to organic search visibility tied to actual new customer growth for your business.

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Our Atlanta office serves clients nationally but focuses intently on helping local Alpharetta businesses drive more customers through customized SEO and digital marketing solutions.

We look forward to fueling your online growth!