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As the top-rated, data-driven Atlanta SEO company, Brand Buddee specializes in getting local businesses guaranteed first-page Google rankings so you stop losing customers to competitors ranking above you in the search results.

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Losing Customers to Higher-Ranking Competitors? Our Custom SEO Solutions Get Atlanta Businesses More Local Customers

Unlike other agencies making empty ranking promises, our customized SEO services are proven to increase profits by driving new local customers to your website and storefront.

We offer a full range of core SEO solutions including:

  • Keyword research
  • On-page optimization
  • Link building
  • Content creation
  • Technical SEO audits
  • Conversion rate optimization

With over a decade of Atlanta search engine optimization expertise, our award-winning team of SEO experts have engineered optimized search strategies responsible for over $370 million in revenue for local brands across Georgia.

Our data-driven approach means we only pursue strategies that credible industry research proves will deliver first page rankings, increased website traffic, more calls, and higher conversions specifically for Atlanta small and medium-sized businesses like yours.

5 Reasons Atlanta Businesses Urgently Need SEO

As consumer behavior shifts increasingly online, Atlanta companies without professional search optimization urgently miss out on connecting with those customers ending up at their competitors instead.

1. Over 93% Searchers Click Organic Listings

Google organic results account for over 90% of search clicks. If you don’t rank here, almost no one finds or contacts your website.

2. 75% Never Scroll Below First Page

Top 3 spots on page 1 get almost 50% of clicks. By page 2 visibility is irrelevant. If you don’t rank in pole positions, don’t expect phone calls.

3. High-Ranking Competitors Steal Customers

Over 70% choose to engage the top search listings they instinctively trust must be the best companies for that search phrase or problem to solve. Ranking below them loses you those ready-to-buy visitors.

4. Local Customers Less Willing to Scroll or Click Multiple Listings

People searching for specifically Atlanta-area companies or services are even less patient sorting through options – you either show up prominently ranked addressing their exact intent or never had a chance at their business.

5. SEO Delivers Over 5X Higher ROI than Other Channels

Recent statistics show professional SEO services generate up to 5 times greater ROI over the next 3 years by cost-efficiently accelerating more qualified website traffic and conversions over any paid ads or marketing options.

Claim your presence now before competitors dominate the full first page locking you out from customer searches and phone calls forever. Our data-driven SEO solutions will help you stop losing potential revenue and start increasing monthly sales through elevated local search visibility.

We customize solutions combining these services to match each client’s specific goals whether you are a local retailer, restaurant, trade company, healthcare provider, or Atlanta-area franchise.

Proven First Page Rankings, More Customers, and Maximum ROI

All Atlanta SEO services prioritize three end results:

  1. First page Google rankings – we guarantee coveted first page placement so you get found and contacted.
  2. Increased website traffic – our strategies will minimum double organic visitors to your site.
  3. More local customers – bottom line, SEO sells by increasing online and in-store customers.

Unlike other agencies, our data-driven approach means we only pursue strategies proven by research and analytics to deliver these specific SEO results for similar Atlanta companies to yours.

There are no guessing games or trial-and-error with our consultation-led process identifying the most profitable organic growth opportunities for your website.

Documented First Page Rankings Within 4-6 Months

We track weekly search ranking positions across all targeted keywords providing full visibility into your ascent up the first page.

On average, most organic rankings achieve page 1 between months 3-6 depending on competitiveness.

Ongoing algorithm changes are also accounted for through constant link building and content reinforcement keeping your rankings more stable long-term.

Average 72% Increase in Organic Traffic

Driving targeted visitors to your site is the first step to increasing customers.

Our core services rapidly improve search visibility resulting in a 72% average gain in monthly organic traffic within 6 months as documented from client accounts.

We’ll also uncover hidden SEO mistakes sabotaging more visitors.

15x Higher Conversions Rates

More traffic means nothing if those visitors don’t become customers.

Our conversion rate optimization strategies boost how many visitors fill out forms, call, or purchase by up to 15x industry averages.

This includes tailored landing pages, frictionless checkouts, exit intent flows and personalized on-site messaging.

Clear Metric Reporting At Each Stage

We regularly share traffic, rankings, lead and sales reports so you understand the expanding impact on your local business with each SEO milestone.

You’ll receive a tailored projections roadmap matching your growth goals.

Now Serving These Local SEO Markets in Georgia:

  • Roswell
  • Marietta
  • Sandy Springs
  • Johns Creek
  • Alpharetta
  • Smyrna
  • Dunwoody
  • Milton
  • Gainesville
  • East Point

Our 4-Phase Atlanta SEO Process for Guaranteed Google Rankings

Over a decade perfecting search strategies for Atlanta companies, we’ve developed a standardized optimization structure delivering consistent first page rankings across every type of local business.

Here is what you can expect working with our responsive team:

Phase 1 – Comprehensive SEO Audit

We dig deep into your current website identifying major ranking roadblocks in areas like:

  • Site speed metrics
  • Indexation issues
  • Broken backlinks
  • UX barriers
  • Target keyword gaps
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Mobile responsiveness

You receive the 50-page technical report detailing priority fixes boosting organic visibility.

Phase 2 – Localized SEO Blueprint & Execution

Next begins strategy execution customizing our proven blueprint for local search domination based on the audit findings and your industry, locations, products, and business goals.

Optimization areas expanded in Phase 2 include:

  • Google My Business listing optimization
  • Property schema markup for rich snippets
  • Targeted landing page development
  • Priority link building outreach
  • Anchor content amplification
  • Review generation
  • Social media channel expansion

Monthly or quarterly packages available based on desired pace.

Phase 3 – Rank Tracking & Conversion Optimization

With rankings now accelerating monthly, we make sure all that new traffic converts into sales.

Tactics in Phase 3 redirect organic visitors into customers through:

  • Lead capture mechanisms
  • Cart abandonment flows
  • Extended sales funnels
  • Retargeting workflows
  • Competitor site migration
  • Cross-sell recommendations

Done right, we consistently increase client conversion rates 5-8x industry averages.

Phase 4 – Rankings Maintenance & Growth

Clients stay with us year after year because our work doesn’t end at Page 1.

We build custom dashboards for real-time rank tracking across all your priority keywords and service areas.

Our linking relationships and optimization talent locks in those coveted positions while exponentially growing organic visibility through:

  • NAP consistency monitoring
  • Review generation
  • Fresh blog/video content creation
  • Competitor backlink hijacking
  • New site migrations
  • Enterprise link building

Top positions and traffic volumes compound month to month.

We also handle any Google algorithm updates to avoid major disruptions.

The more data we collect about your business, the faster we can react to ranking fluctuations and opportunities.

Keyword Research & Targeting – The Foundation of Every SEO Campaign

With Google processing over 40,000 searches every second, keyword research uncovers money-making search terms aligning with your business offerings searchers are already using daily.

Our 4-Step Keyword Research Framework:

1. Seed Keyword Identification

Leveraging historical analytics and industry data, we build an initial list of 3-5 primary keywords and questions searchers use discovering categories of companies like yours.

2. Expansion Into Long-Tail Variations

Removing high competition, our tools tack on geo intent, product attributes, and other modifiers creating a master list filtering down to most realistic rankings potential based on your current traction.

3. Traffic Analytics

Confirming search volume and competing domains gives us projected organic visibility from each keyword along with top ranking difficulty scores.

4. Optimized Targeting

We classify keywords by priority tiers for writing optimized content, backlinks and pages tailored to your top opportunities balanced with faster wins.

Ongoing analysis ensures changing searcher behavior always informs strategy.

Link Building – The #1 Ranking Factor

Google specifically stated backlinks impact rankings more than any other factor.

That means getting authoritative sites linking back to your website accelerates how fast you reach Page 1 along with how high you ultimately rank.

Our Bay Area link building uses a 5-tiered system balancing rankings velocity with long-term stability:

Tier 1 – Manual Outreach

Our outreach team earns placements on powerful industry publications, mainstream media outlets, viral communities, and recognizing experts/influencers. Mutual consultation promotes your brand through guest articles, interviews, brand mentions, and data contributions.

Tier 2 – Syndication Networks

Today’s largest media brands like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and Newsweek license articles to hundreds of newspapers, magazines, blogs that then publish your company content across their network with author credit backlinking to you.

Tier 3 – Directories, Citations & Maps

Correct NAP information consistent across 50+ local directories builds location authority signaling search engines your business meets minimum verification requirements.

Tier 4 – Industry Communities

Active participation and sponsorships in your niche communities earn valuable contextual links from forums, groups, events calendars and more.

Tier 5 – Personalized Outreach Automation

Custom outreach sequences targeted to different sites, groups and influencers fitting your brand handles systematic link prospecting, save samples, and tracking.

Monthly link reports detail new placements and media value so you understand exactly how our efforts expand your brand visibility, trust signals, referral traffic opportunities and searcher awareness.

Optimized Web Content Commands Higher Rankings

Without content properly optimized for what searchers ask, pages lack relevance signals to reach Page 1 regardless of links/citations.

Our Atlanta SEO content writers have over 7 years of experience fueling local companies with blog articles, videos, and micro-content across all formats that search engines love promoting.

Core Optimized Content Offerings Include:

Long-Form Articles

1800+ word blog posts ranking for valuable buyer keywords thanks to tier 1 backlinks, social shares and internal linking flows back to your money pages.

Guest Posts

Bylined articles and interviews strategically placed on industry and local Atlanta publications.

Link Magnets

Viral reports, exclusives studies, templates, and tools enticing backlinks, shares, and email sign ups.

Social Content

Catchy infographics and engaging videos tailored for every major platform’s recommended specs and calls-to-action.

Landing Pages

High-converting landing pages built specifically to convert visitors from page 1 rankings into leads and sales.

Location Pages

Optimized area pages targeting neighborhood searches with unique descriptions and rich media about your local branches.

Email Sequences

Tiered auto-responder series delivering subscriber value building trust and engagement for conversion.

All content pushes visitors into your sales funnel at precise customer journey touchpoints based on personalization filters and UTM parameters.

Content Creation That Converts Searchers Into Customers

We fuel Atlanta companies with blog articles, videos, and micro-content across all formats that search engines love promoting.

Our content creators focus on power words triggering emotions that motivate desired actions:

  • Authority – Establishing thought leadership
  • Exclusivity – Conveying limited access
  • Value – Demonstrating supportive care
  • Logic – Appealing to sound reasoning
  • Security – Minimizing risk and uncertainty

This drives click-through-rates and time-on-page metrics weighing heavily in rankings.

We also construct content solving these search intent categories:

  • Informational – Defining topics
  • Navigational – Directing next steps
  • Transactional – Facilitating purchases
  • Commercial – Evaluating solutions

Matching query types earns top positioning.

Our writers have produced over 5,000 articles, ebooks, and videos generating over $8 million in revenue for local Atlanta businesses.

LSI Keywords – The Secret SEO Tactic

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords help search engines connect related concepts and understand context.

When woven into page content, LSIs activate the full rankings potential of your target phrases.

Our technology scans top 10 results of your core keywords for their highest density semantic match LSIs.

We then naturally work those into meta data, content, tags and markup so Google recognizes your relevance for searcher intent.

Quick LSI integration provides instant rankings lifts before links even begin accruing.

Why LSIs Matter So Much for Atlanta Businesses 

LSIs keywords improve content relevancy scores in several impactful ways:

  • Related Term Clustering – By packing pages with semantic relatives (themes, attributes, actions etc.) of your headline keywords, LSIs show engines it belongs answering broad user queries about that topic even ranking for searches using different terminology in queries. Sophisticated semantic algorithms now outperform exact keyword matching.
  • Topical Authority Credibility – When visitors read pages naturally mentioning complementary ideas, places, features and categories associated with the product they wanted, engines assume that company understands the full scope deserving prominence over narrowly focused outlier competitors.
  • Semantic Clickstream Signaling – As search engines evolve into conversational AI, they predict and promote pages matching how users refine queries in reality across an information-seeking journey for a particular need. LSI-enhanced content mirrors that human learning path.
  • Surrounding Block Relevance – Instead of awkwardly repeating the same keyword over and over which triggers over-optimization penalties by search engines, mixing LSIs into the natural flow earns additional relevance points without raising any red flags.

In our keyword research reports, we provide lists of LSIs extracted from analyzed search results of each target phrase along with a competitor’s LSI usage density scores by page.

Our content team then works those secondary LSIs into every new page and piece to maximize rankings acceleration.

LSI Optimization Example

Your target Atlanta real estate team ranks for “Roswell homes for sale” but loses visibility for additional buyer intent queries like:

  • houses Roswell
  • Roswell realty
  • North Atlanta properties
  • Atlanta housing market

LSI clustering would expand on-page content across those pages with other location semantics like:

  • Fulton County
  • East Cobb County
  • metro region properties *North Fulton mls

Along with complementary terms related to home sales:

  • selling your house
  • recently sold
  • just listed
  • school district

And nicknames searchers commonly use:

  • Roswell area
  • ATL suburbs

When all 3 LSI types get woven in, rankings acceleration hits overdrive earning visibility for questions using every vocabulary variation around that buyer intent without needing an exact keyword match.

Our experts audit your top Atlanta competitors’ pages for holes in LSI density we can out-optimize. Contact us for a custom quote.

Local Atlanta SEO – Leveraging Location-Based Ranking Factors

As a local business, you pop up primarily in Map Packs above organic results for neighborhood searches.

Domination requires unlocking GPS and other proprietary tracking signals of search engines.

Our localized strategies specifically boost visibility for traffic within your actual service radius by:

Complete Data Consistency

All platforms must display accurate business info known as NAP across 50+ major sites like Facebook, Apple Maps, etc. dated on the same day entered. Conflicting details significantly hurt local rankings and mobile clicks.

Review Velocity

Pages with the most 5 star reviews appear higher in local packs meaning outpacing competitors for quantity earns the top position for branded and category searches.

Site Authority Flows

High domain authority sites must link internally to your location pages reinforcing your company as the authoritative destination for city searches.

Physical Location Signals

We ensure all tracking signals confirm your actual business addresses so search engines driving or walking by see the correlation matching to ranked locations.

“My restaurant struggled for years barely getting delivery orders from Google searches in Atlanta. Brand Buddee got us to #1 within 4 months for our core cuisine terms which tripled our organic orders overnight. The detailed reports each month also helped expand offerings customers wanted but we didn’t know to add. Wish I would have called them earlier seeing how much business we were losing by essentially being invisible online previously.”

Karen M. – Atlanta restaurant owner

Technical SEO – Fix Underlying Website Barriers to Rankings

Core web vitals directly control how search engines assess overall quality and reliability before positioning pages.

Technical audits catch hidden obstacles sabotaging ROI across:

  • Site Speed
  • Script Loading
  • Structured Data
  • Indexation Errors
  • Duplicate Content
  • Broken Links & Images
  • Hosting Configurations
  • Site Migrations

Resolving found barriers earns search engine trust raising your rankings potential.

Proven Link Building Tactics Used By Our Atlanta SEO Experts

Backlinks remain the strongest ranking factor according to Google. That means getting more authoritative sites linking back to your website accelerates how fast you reach Page 1 along with how high you ultimately rank.

Over our years dominating Atlanta SERPs, we’ve perfected scalable tactics that provide months of high-quality link building on autopilot.

Guestographic Outreach

One of the most effective tactics we use to build quality backlinks is guest posting, also called ‘guestographics’.

This involves creating outstanding guest posts and getting them strategically placed on the top blogs and websites related to your industry. Since all guest posts include backlinks to your website, it can generate a steady stream of powerful, relevant links over time.

According to studies, guest posting remains one of the highest converting link building tactics with decent links earned per outreach hour.

Our content team handles all research, writing, interview prep and submissions for guestographic placement while our outreach squad gets them published.

Link Reclamation

Another way we build fast links is by reclaiming what we call ‘lost links’.

Over time from domain migrations, page deletions or policy shifts, websites lose backlinks earned previously.

Our software first detects all of your websites past lost links that no longer resolve.

Then our reclamation team tracks down each site’s current URL or appropriate contact to recreate those broken links for regained rankings velocity.

PR Content Syndication

Major media publishers like Entrepreneur, Business Insider and Livingly constantly license trending articles to hundreds of mainstream blogs, newspapers and magazines with backlinks.

We craft branded content optimized specifically for your company to earn syndication placements through these major networks.

The benefit is simultaneous publication on hundreds of trustworthy sites linking back to immediately accelerate rankings.

Local Citation Building

While citations don’t directly build links, they remain crucial for establishing location signals that heavily impact local pack rankings.

Our team submits complete updated business listings displaying your accurate NAP details across 50+ top regional directories including:

  • Google My Business
  • Apple Maps
  • Yelp
  • Yellowpages
  • Citysearch
  • Manta
  • Mapquest
  • Factual

Proper citations develop location authority and brand consistency used for geo-ranking factors.

Industry Forum Participation

Niche web forums and groups offer valuable contextual links from deeply embedded pages search engines favor for relevancy.

Our community managers’ handle joining and actively participating in all leading forums related to your Atlanta business niche.

Profiles links back to your website while high value contributions position you as an expert leader building organic visibility over time through this channel.

Affiliate Partnership Outreach

We identify sites complementary to your business that offer affiliate programs, co-branding deals, channel sales partnerships or lead gen splits.

Our biz dev team reaches out establishing formal agreements for ongoing cooperation. This channel earns powerful one degrees of separation social links, brand mentions, backlinks and referral traffic.

Resource Link Building

Link magnets like viral reports, templates, tools and exclusive data can quickly build quality links as other sites feature your asset to enhance their own content while citing you as the source. Our creation calendar develops 12 new viral posts per year fueling backlinks.

We have over 15 additional link building processes fine-tuned to reliably build links that convert search traffic.

Why Small Atlanta Businesses Choose Brand Buddee SEO Services Over Competitors

Dedicated Account Manager

We assign you an optimization strategist as a single point-of-contact instead of outsourcing disjointed tactics from offshore freelancers. Developing an intimate understanding of your business through open communication ensures every recommendation matches your precise customer lifecycle and pathways.

You’ll know exactly who oversees your results on a weekly basis.

All SEO Delivery In-House

Speaking of outsourcing, unlike giant agencies, every aspect of your campaign stays in-house with our local American team of experts who specialize in your related field. Competitors using offshore production teams and junior freelancers inevitably lack quality control losing months progress getting back doored by Google updates. Our leaders shape strategies based on the latest internal search algorithm research not found in any conferences or internet gurus courses.

Performance-Based Pricing

No fluffy contracts or retainers. All our packages simply tie spend directly to real rankings and traffic metrics each month so we only earn more revenue as your company books more sales from our discovery efforts. Big firms lock-in outdated “one-size fits all” agreements

Advanced SEO Services

In additional to our core SEO solutions, we offer advanced services optimizing visibility on additional platforms driving targeted traffic and sales.

Amazon SEO

Many Atlanta ecommerce brands sell on Amazon but struggle with suboptimal product visibility in the Amazon search results. We offer Amazon SEO services to:

  • Optimize titles, features and descriptions
  • Create improved Amazon product listings
  • Determine best categories and keywords
  • Build reviews and boost ratings
  • Run Amazon PPC ads to reinforce rankings
  • Drive more traffic to your Amazon product pages

This ultimately leads to higher sales volumes and more revenue through better on-platform search visibility.

Franchise SEO

We have extensive experience handling local SEO for nationally franchised brands across the Atlanta area. Our franchise SEO solutions help with:

  • National and regional SEO strategy
  • Localizing content for geo-targeted keywords
  • Ensuring location data consistency
  • Optimizing GMB listings for all franchise locations
  • Building reviews and social proof signals
  • Developing franchise marketing funnels
  • Reporting dashboards for all locations

Our integrated approach ensures franchise brands rank #1 locally for buyers seeking your products and services in the Atlanta region. This leads to more foot traffic, calls and sales for all franchises we support through ongoing SEO.

Top SEO Tips by Our Expert Team

With over a decade of experience in technical search optimization for Atlanta companies, our team has tested hundreds of tactics that boost local rankings, traffic, leads and sales.

Here are our top SEO tips for fast growth:

Research Money Keywords Aligning to Customer Intent

Bidding on high competition industry terminology rarely converts actual sales without relevance. Analyze search metrics identifying buyer keywords focused on ROI.

Create Location-Based Content Pages

Target searches include city or region names expecting unique information on that area. Ensure pages specifically optimize for Atlanta.

Fix Any Technical Site Barriers

Core web vitals directly control how search engines assess page quality. Resolve speed and mobile issues lowering bounce rates.

Double Content Length to 4,000+ Words

In-depth long-form content earns more engagement time signaling relevance. Short blogs lack substance.

Update Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Optimized headlines and preview summaries improve click-through-rates to better pages from rankings.

Build Backlinks from High Domain/Page Authority Sites

Contextually relevant links remain the strongest rankings factor. Quality over quantity.

Leverage Existing Social Followings

Cross-promote blog content across social media channels boosting visitors.

Seek Referrals to Complementary Businesses

Related companies endorsements lend 3rd party validation raising credibility and awareness.

We tailor target milestones each month across these facets compounding visibility. Contact our Atlanta SEO experts for a free proposal.

SEO Packages Tailored to Fit Different Budgets

We offer customizable SEO packages suited for every monthly budget and goals.

See which investment level produces the projected first page rankings, traffic and conversions making sense for your growth.

Starter Local SEO

What’s Included:

  • 10 core keyword optimizations
  • 5 link building tactics
  • Landing page development
  • Basic technical SEO

Ideal If Seeking:

  • First page rankings for a few seed keywords to gain initial organic traction

Monthly Investment: $1,500+

Intermediate SEO

What’s Included:

  • 20 keyword focused pages
  • 10 link earned each month
  • Location optimization
  • conversion tracking

Ideal If Seeking

  • Accelerated website traffic from Google rankings across more keywords and areas

Monthly Investment: $2,500+

Growth SEO

What’s Included:

  • 50+ optimized pages
  • 20 new backlinks monthly
  • Review generation
  • Advanced tracking & analytics

Ideal If Seeking

  • Maximum organic visibility, leads and sales

Monthly Investment: $4,000+

Enterprise SEO

What’s Included:

  • 100+ keyword rankings
  • 50+ new links monthly
  • Integrations with paid ads and email
  • Complete analytics dashboard

Ideal If Seeking

  • To exponentially scale website traffic, leads and revenue

Monthly Investment: $7,500+

Along with custom solutions, we offer guaranteed first page rankings tied directly to month-to-month spends aligned with your budget.

Contact Our Award-Winning Atlanta SEO Experts For a Free Audit & Quote

Ready to get your website ranked on Page 1 of Google and converting searchers into customers?

Our SEO advisor will answer any of your current organic growth questions and provide a preliminary site audit evaluation along with potential solutions for ranking higher locally.

As the leading data-driven SEO company helping local Atlanta businesses accelerate website traffic, leads and sales through search rankings, we invite you to schedule a free consultation call to discuss how our award-winning services can amplify your digital presence.

Our account manager will provide transparent pricing tailored to your monthly rankings goals and industry without any long-term contracts or commitments.

We independently verify our SEO results and only earn business through the expanding revenue our expertise delivers monthly. Reach out now to learn more about partnering with Brand Buddee for management of your entire local search marketing channel.