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The top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

A new year, a new decade, and a worldwide pandemic escalated the ever-changing times of digital marketing in 2022. The lockdowns pushed for remote work, installing 5g networks shifting brands to invest in video marketing. Digital markets in Web3.0 return to the consumer and revamp the internet we once knew into something new. The Web3.0 internet platform goes back to personal internet control like what Web1.0 possessed during the dial-up era. 

The pandemic started a new working revolution for remote employees. Employees began bringing work home. When life returned to normal, employees didn’t want to return to their lifeless cubicles. Companies can now recruit employees anywhere in the world in any time zone for those last-minute projects. While someone in the United States is sleeping and has a project due in the morning, they have the digital skills to hire someone 8 hours ahead in Germany ready to finish the project. 

The 2022 digital market is deeply rooted in the lives of every consumer. 

The top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2022, and you’ll never believe what #8 is.

1. Digital Skills

Giant bulk department stores are becoming ghost towns. Tumbleweeds are rolling through local strip malls; the loud thriving environment moved to online platforms. Stores are now adapting their physical storefront to a digital setting, changing how they market to consumers. SEO-optimized websites are becoming a more extensive skill to stay a top dog in the market. SEO is search engine optimization, quality control for digital content, and a way to gain organic foot traffic. SEO optimization changed the old digital marketing methods. A website can no longer throw random keywords into its blog and pop up on a giant search engine like Google, thanks to the advancement of artificial intelligence. The new-age artificial intelligence pushed website creators to deliver personalized, trustworthy content. As Web3.0 evolves, brands need to gain specialized SEO optimization digital analysis and learn backlinking skills. Websites will need to find keywords that bring in organic traffic by understanding the audience looking to sell their services. 

2. NFT’S

NFT’s are non-fungible tokens, and each one is unique in digital marketing, like a fingerprint. NFT’s can be anything digitized, such as music, artwork, and a unique digital asset. The unique fingerprint code stems from the blockchains backlogged into code associated with Ethereum-a cryptocurrency. The blockchain is a one-of-a-kind code that carries traffic information on who created the digital work, original cost, and sale. NFT gives back to original artists on ownership rights and personal ownership of the internet on Web3.0. Social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook adding digital wallets for cryptocurrency allows crypto trends to make the giant leap.

3. Visual Search

Advancements in artificial intelligence and 5g network speeds work together to allow consumers to upload photos of their searches and ditch the keyword-based searches. Consumers can snap a picture of the product they are looking for and upload photos to multiple visual search engines. For brands to adapt to the new way of searches, digital websites need to upload high-pixelated images to their websites. Visual search utilizes artificial intelligence to use an image instead of keywords within a search engine. Brands need to add high-visual photos to their websites to compete in today’s competitive digital marketing. 

4. Voice Search

With the hustle and bustle lifestyle of the current consumers, consumers are looking for hands-free aids to assist while they multi-task doing the dishes or driving their morning commute. Keyword searches are becoming just part of the organic digital market traffic equation. Again, artificial intelligence is getting more traction in digital marketers, such as Alexa and Siri. Even car technology is adding more hands-free search options. Digital markets need to start thinking about how their pages will pop up using voice search engines. Consumers type their wants into a keyword search differently than a voice search. Consumers don’t click on the website and find their answers within seconds, making this one of the downsides to this method. A digital trick for businesses is to read back your search as if you’re talking into your phone. People keyword search into google differently than how they would voice search. 

5. No Click Searches and Snippets

Consumers find answers immediately from no-click searches and snippets in today’s busy society. A snippet in digital marketing summarizes the company’s web page drawing in customers. For digital marketers to be top sellers, the information added to meta headers is the snippets. Search engines populate answers on the front page, making it easier for consumers to find products. Unfortunately, no-click searches interact more with Google, thus losing organic click traffic to the brand’s website. 

6. Giving back

Consumers are searching for greater trust within companies. Giving back is the best way for companies to gain consumer loyalty. These actions encourage more community involvement. When customers see companies give back, it establishes trust, engagement, and greater community visibility.

7. Good Reviews

There are many products for the consumer, so good reviews are a top-tier requirement. Good reviews are a way for the consumer to add extra trust to the product they are buying. The consumer is looking for faith in the brand through the experiences of others.

8. Personalization

Embedding personalization into digital marketing is the biggest key in 2022. Consumers have ease when shopping worldwide for their specific needs instead of a generic one-size-fits-all. Customers are beginning to adapt to the minimalistic lifestyle; they no longer seek quantity over quality. They are looking for an investment. Consumers want a unique product that will exceed their needs and expectations. Consumers constantly think about how products work to their needs, so customization companies must listen to their consumers. 

9. Video Marketing

The increased production of 5g network towers advances video marketing. 5g networks allow high-speed video content to be uploaded, and video apps like TikTok thrive. Digital marketers must utilize excellent hooks to grab the attention of audiences. Remember when your English teacher scolded you for not using quality attention grabbers? She wasn’t wrong digital marketing in 2022 needs to grab consumers’ attention quickly. Microsoft performed a study researching the average person’s attention span. The study showed the average attention span decreased from 8 seconds to 10 seconds. Apps like TikTok have exploded due to short tidbit videos quickly grabbing consumers’ attention. TikTok is now becoming an extensive advertising commercial platform. Consumers enjoy seeing products on a visual platform. 

10. Conversational Marketing

Companies are adding interactive chat boxes to find the correct product for their customers. The trust provided by the business purchases the second business sale from the consumer. Conversational marketing allows the industry to understand the product wanted by the consumer to direct them towards the sale. 

Summary of today’s top digital markets:

Artificial intelligence advancements and faster network speeds create a different breed of consumers. Consumers have access to any product, giving them complete control over the products they buy. Brands need to learn digital marketing skills to personalize their products to their consumer needs. The downside of voice, visual, and no-click searches is that customers won’t visit websites. The voice, visual, and no-click searches interact with search engine platforms more than the consumer. 

Brand loyalty, trust, personalization, and adaptation create the new-age digital marketing of 2022. 

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